Foster is a residential and agricultural town rich in historic resources — houses, farmsteads, stone walls, roads and mill ruins — all of which add counterpoint to the natural beauty of its environs. Foster is still sparsely settled and its hilly, forested landscape has kept development low.


Many houses and farms date back to the late 1700’s. The highest point in Rhode Island — Jerimoth Hill, at 812 feet above sea level — is located in northwest Foster. As with many towns in this area of Rhode Island, Foster has the prized advantage of maintaining a small town atmosphere while being a swift car ride away from Providence. Foster is not only known for its civic pride but its ecological pride as well. The Town of Foster Conservation Commission is dedicated to preserving the town’s unique natural resources, and maintains regular meetings and initiatives to bring out Foster’s earthy beauty.


Foster is made up of the villages of Clayville, Foster Center, Moosup Valley, Mount Hygeia, North Foster, Pine Ridge, Ponagansett, South Foster, and Vernon.

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